Seventeen Inmates Baptized in Mississippi Jail

Mikaela Mathews | Contributor

Covington County Sheriff’s Office in Collins, Mississippi celebrated the baptism of seventeen inmates last week, according to NBC 12.

“We hope this is a new start and will change the lives of these and many more,” a Facebook post from the office said.

The Covington County Sheriff's Department is proud to report that 17 inmates were baptized today. The ministry that has…

Posted by Covington County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Attached to the post were two pictures of four women in pink jumpsuits and thirteen men in striped jumpsuits who were baptized.

Hundreds of well-wishers congratulated the inmates on their decision.

“It’s wonderful that you all have chosen a new way. Our Lord Jesus Christ will always be there to comfort & take care of you. However, when he answers your prayers, it may not always be what you had in mind. But trust in Him for he is the only Way,” said one.

“God moves no matter the location or situation!” said another.

Several family members and friends celebrated inmates by name.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the country, former inmate Alfio made an 11-foot cross that the Hollywood Impact Studios’ prison ministry can use to further their evangelism in the Los Angeles County prison system.

“We have to appreciate the sacrifice,” Alfio said, according to Christian Headlines. The large cross is intended to “[spell] out the pain Jesus went through.”

Alfio, who was arrested more than 50 times, said he realized that he needed to “pick a side and I picked Jesus Christ. He said, ‘Follow me and it’ll be better than you think.’” He was released two years earlier than scheduled for an 11-year sentence.

Alfio and his wife also make smaller crosses by hand for churches. Hollywood Impact Studios “uses the art of television and film making to change lives by providing a training ground where Hollywood professionals teach and mentor incarcerated men; helping them to develop their individual talents in order to successfully work in the profession of their choosing.”

Photo courtesy: ©Covington County Sheriff’s Office Facebook

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